1891 – 2013


1891: From the request of our founder, Rev. William H. Stanfield, the Lord laid it on Mr. Lee McDade’s heart to donate the land that this church stands on today. The church was named Lee’s Chapel in honor of its donor. The first Church was a Brush Arbor where services were held for 25 years (1891-1916).


1916: A log cabin church was erected that was utilized until 1918 (2 years).


1918: A frame church was built. Although remodeled several times, the frame church stood for 59 years (1918-1977)


Founder, Rev. Stanfield was our pastor for 38 years (1891- Sept 1929).


1934: Our first Usher Board was formed.

          Our Home Mission had our first carpet installed.

          We built an 8x10 Dinner House to store food for Homecoming.


1941: We instituted “Public offering.” Previously, we asked members for dues.

           In May we built a Dinner Table.

           The 4th Sunday in Sept. we began our annual revival.


1943: we completed the underpinning of the frame church on April 9th.


1944: In June a top was put on the well for $13.

          We purchased one Church Bible.


1945: Feb. 25th a Sick Committee was formed.

          March 24th we began raising funds to enlarge the pulpit.

          In April our first piano was purchased.


1950: Our first choir was organized.


1955: June 12th the Missionary Circle was formed.


1960: Jan. 1st the first Board of Trustees and Finance Committee were created.

          A building fund was started to enlarge the church.


1972: In June we began 2nd Sunday worship (previously it was only the 4th Sunday).


1973:  Our first floral arrangement was purchased for Easter.

           We held our first Youth Day in June.

           July 21st the Pastor’s Aid Club was organized.


1974: August 25th we held our first Birthday program.


1975: New church plans were drawn and approved.


1976: We held our first Youth Revival.

          Nov. 9th was our first Senior Citizens dinner.

          The first Youth Choir was organized.


1977: Feb. 27th the Progressive Club was organized.

          Our current brick edifice was completed and on April 10th, Easter Sunday, we held our first service the new building.


1978: June 23rd the Calendar Committee was formed.

          The Youth began conducting Devotion Services on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


1980: Folding doors were installed in the back of the church.


1981: Purchased our first PA system.


1982: We held our first Bible Class on April 8th.

           The Senior Choir was organized to sing Hymns at funerals.


1983: July 2nd the Cemetery Committee was formed.

          Sept. 1983 the Hostess Committee was formed.


1984 The Bowman family donated land to Lee’s Chapel.


1985: May 24th the utility building was completed with underground wiring.


1986 The Junior Usher Board was organized.

          The Deacon’s Spouse Club was formed.


1990: We began Van Ministry.


1991 We purchased 3 acres of land on Feb. 22nd

         March 22nd we purrchased 2 computers. 

         Later in the year we purchased a TV & VCR.

         In May we purchased ½ acre of land.

         Oct 26th we completed the handicap ramp.


1992 The Youth Department was formed on May 22nd.

         The first Aid Club was organized.

         We purchased new pulpit chairs.


1993: The current Youth Choir was organized Sept. 27th..

           Nov. 20th the Laymen League was formed.


1994: The Deaconess Board was organized on Jan. 11th.

          The Christian Education Board was formed.

          Membership Classes were instituted.

          The Scholarship Committee was started under the Christian Education Board.

          The first Church Handbook was published. 

          Under the guidance of the Christian Education Board, Children Church began on June 2th.

          Youth & Young Adult Missionary were constituted.

          The Youth Hostess Committee was formed.


1995: The new wing was completed with a larger fellowship hall, heated baptismal pool, larger kitchen, pantry, Pastor’s Study, administrative offices, bathrooms & ladies lounge.           

           Dec. 15th the first Church Historian was elected.

           Young Adult Choir was formed


1996: The first Church Newsletter was published,

          Young Adult Choir changed their name to The Chorale.

          We held our first Hallelujah night.

           The Male Choir was organized.


1997: We began service every Sunday except the 5th Sunday.

          The first Church Directory was published.

          We purchased our first recording system.

         We began Tape Ministry.

         The Sunday School classrooms were completed.


2001: In December we held our first Family & Friends Day.


2002: Women’s Ministry & Health Minutes were instituted..


2003: Our first “First Lady Day” was held December 6th.


2004: Our first Pinto Dinner program was held on Feb. 1st.

          The first Passion Week program was April 5th.

          The 3rd Sunday in April marked our first Trustee Day program.


2005: First Women’s Fellowship program was March 5th.


2006: We held our first Midnight Musical.

            The First Lady’s Aid Club was organized on December 6th


 2007: The parking lot was paved.


2009: New tables were purchased for the Fellowship Hall.


2011: Purchased additional tables for the Fellowship Hall.

          Re-paved the parking lot.

          In July we purchased 3 tents.


2012: Mime & Dance Ministry performed for the 1st time the 2nd Sunday in January.


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